Nora Mushon



Nora deals with the "Hochurisovat"
corporate events for adults and developing
activities for children. She directs the culinary
master classes and supports all of our creative
workshops in restaurants and shopping centers. Nora not only 
handles the schedule and negotiates with managers 
in restaurants, she is also developing the concept of new workshops 
and monitors our perminent restaurant workshops. She is also actively engaged in 
volunteer projects. She always helps our staff to be well 
prepared for the event, and she comes up with new 
fun activities for children. In our studio, Nora managed to go to the classes of all of our tutors
and try for herself the different artistic directions.
She is very good at acrylic painting. Nora loves cooking and is fluent
in Italian.




A graduate of Moscow State University. Lomonosov

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