Addresses of our studios

1. Metro Belorusskaya (the ring), 1-Brestskaya street, Building 62, 3rd floor (entrance to the cafe «soup») tel. +79263951707 Head tutor — Anna Goldina.

2. Metro Yugozapadnaya, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Building 92 «Corona» (entrance to the side of Troparevskya Street) tel. +79151523790 Head tutor — Polina Vinokurova.


Some rules in the studio for our guests

  • You need to let us know that you want to come to a class. For the first session you can sign up by emailing us at ya@hochurisovat.ru.


  • The curator will forward a letter to the tutors (depending on which classes are suitable for you, the level of training or the chosen medium and the tutor will invite you via an e-mail)


  • Membership cards are available for either 1 or 2 lessons per week. These can be used for different classes. Please let the tutor for each class know when you will be coming. Messages from your tutor will have their contact details so you can let them know if you will be late or need to cancel.


  • Membership Cards are valid for 6 weeks from the date of purchase (your tutor should write the date on the reverse side, it must match the date specified in the studio book (where you sign when buying the card). If you have a card for 10 sessions you must visit the studio at least twice a week.


  • The card can be given to a friend, but you need to notify the tutor and ask to make a note about it in the book.


  • You can pause your membership if you have a medical certificate from your doctor, which can be sent in an e-mail (it should be an electronic copy but it can be a photo made with your phone.) The letter is to be sent before the class you want to suspend.


  • A membership Card for adults is 3500 rubles (5 sessions) or 6000 rubles (10 sessions). The card lasts exactly 6 weeks. The date of purchase should be on the reverse side, otherwise the card is considered invalid.


Tutors work and training schedule

  • Our tutors in the studio work days and hours which are suitable for them. If for some reason the class is cancelled, then it will be replaced by another tutor. If your class was canceled please do not hesitate to sign up to another class on another day.


  • Try to join in different groups, different tutors, to learn different techniques. Eventually you will develop comprehensively and meet new tutors. It will help you understand whose approach is closer to you.


  • Please sign up in advance and, most importantly, check the schedule before you go into the studio in case the class is cancelled.


  • If you liked or disliked anything about the session, write to us about it. This will help us to be better and work so that our guests could be proud that they started to draw from us.


  • If your permanent tutor goes on vacation and her classes are cancelled, the studio does not stop working! We are always happy to give you something else to do, or you can visit the other studio so your classes will not be wasted.


  • If you have any questions or suggestions about the studio, membership or tutors email us at ya@hochurisovat.ru.


For us it is important that you love and appreciated the studio as we love it, and feedback will help us to achieve it!

Our history

Studio "I want to paint!" - Cozy place and your favorite people.