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Studio "I want to paint!" - Cozy place and your favorite people.

Pictured leading Paly Masha and Zhenya Gilevich and Maria Elena, Alena, Katya, Lena and Yulia, guests of one of the first lessons in the studio Stoleshnikov in 2009.

Studio " I want to paint ! " was founded in 2009 Masha Paly , teacher of fine arts. Maria has taught art for about 10 years in a variety of studios and schools, but in 2009 she began to work in private, parallel start a blog , which talked about the different materials and styles of painting, and describes in detail the process of creating a drawing , made the video and photo for illustrative example . Her idea was to mothers with children or adults who for some reason can not attend classes in the studios could repeat the process at home.

The second goal was to create a community that will help creative people to join together and conduct master classes for children in orphanages, hospitals and other venues . Masha considers the meaning of the studio cooperation and assistance to each other. It aims to combine a variety of people to collectively create a beautiful holiday, conduct classes and participate together in various charity events and volunteer projects .

" Today , we are not able to maintain high prices for work in the studio , we have not raised prices since 2009. During the four years , together with our friends , we organize free classes for children in shopping malls and restaurants. For over five years we have partnered with funds " Give Life ", " Nastya " and " refuseniks ." Together with charities we go to orphanages and hospitals. pleased to take part in the biggest charity events. we have a blog where we talk about our children , external workshops, it's free classes , participate in that can be anyone. " - Maria says.

First floor office studio was our friends design studio Red keds, which we did every weekend. At that moment, the very first major studio were : Mary Paly , she led the class " Basics of Painting ," Olya burnings , she taught working with felt , Eugene Gilevich taught painting and photography , and later came to our team talented Anya Goldin and studio appeared popular to this day course "Fundamentals of graphics." The only drawback was that the studio was working only on weekends , we would like to conduct classes all week . A few months later we moved . Full and rich life studio began Taganka . We have new classes and took occasional master classes, we boiled soap, molded of plastic , ornaments made ​​of wire and even studied English and French ! We partying , playing " Mafia " and " Charades " almost every weekend . The amazing thing is that all this happened in the studio no more than 20 square meters , 15 minutes from the metro. Still, even in the frosty evening , guests come to us in spite of the strong winds , blizzards and snowstorms ! We worked there for about a year. In 2010, we had the opportunity to shoot a new studio on 1- Brest , which operates to this day. We added to our schedule classes for children of different age groups , as well as in the studio appeared weekly workshops on scrapbooking . The composition of our leading change, someone who works with us constantly , someone is in the studio single master classes.

on the photo studio " I want to paint ! " In 2009 , Olga Pavlova , Masha and Zhenya Paly Gilevich

In 2010, we began to work with restaurants and shopping centers , organized the first external workshops (children master classes at other venues, not the studio ) . We are working in this direction and to this day, it has long been led by Nora Mushon . She has been organizing children's parties, corporate events and our regular external projects .

Since 2012, our friendly family joined leading Ksenia Alekseeva ( she teaches painting) from our original line-up currently in the studio working only Anya Goldin . Over the years we have revised and refined our list of classes and studio work itself on 1 -Brest . Now you can visit the different classes in drawing and painting, learn to work in the art you are interested in a convenient time for you , no matter what your level of training. Meet with leading that work in the studio at the moment you can in this section.

on the photo studio on our 1 -Brestskaya street in 2011 .

In 2013 , our leading Polina Vinokurova , started working in the studio on Brest , knew immediately that he wanted to organize the process yourself. She set out to open another studio , " I want to paint ! " and chose the perfect place. On Vernadsky Prospekt , she opened her big beautiful studio. The studio is located in the house where there is a zoo with deer and llamas and can conduct classes with children outdoors , paint beautiful nature and animal nature. Here you can read about the studio in the South- West .

From the very beginning of our work , we organize many interesting camps for guests and friends studios in different countries. We have already visited several cities in Europe and plan new trips . View photos and read the notes leading travel in the section of the camps.

We are offering Art-classes in London and Kent

Tutors – Maria Srewart

Group and private sessions. For children and adults. Art-classes are suitable for beginners and for those who already have some skills. You can apply for a course via email ya@hochurisovat.ru


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