What do we do

We love to help and we are very happy to take part in joint projects

We believe that the ability to help and friendship are the secret of success in any business, so our studio regularly participates in charity events. We are interested in energetic people, who want to develop creativity in children and adults, to put in time and money.

What do we do?

1. Team building activities in the format of 'drink and draw' for employees of various companies.
2. Creative workshops for children in restaurants and shopping centres.
3. Feasts of Christmas, New Year or any other festivals.

Our portfolio includes projects with such companies as: Nikleodeon, Roxy Russia, Auchan, Metropolis, Maison Dellos (Cafe Pushkin, Chinook and Barrel), Novikov groups (Donna Margarita, Sirena & LUCE), Ragaut 1 and 2, Cafe des Jean-Jacque, Bulka, Total, Shell, Stockman.

We participated in these festivals: Games for Winners (Give Life Foundation), Seasons, Manor jazz.


If you are interested in helping with our projects, please contact us. The best way is to write an email to ya@hochurisovat.ru for Maria paliy and Nora Mushon.


See Also

  • Maria has really encouraged me to see how the light falls on the object I am illustrating and how to represent that on paper. Her enthusiasm and creative skills are infectious