Classes for everyone

We have classes for children and adults. Our mission is to help students learn

new techniques, develop creativity and gain new experiences.

All the programmes are designed by Maria for each student or a group.

— Adult classes (basic painting and drawing, sketch, watercolor, life drawing/portrait, outdoor classes);
— Classes for children 
— External workshops (creative activities in restaurants, shopping centres etc.). You can arrange the workshops by contacting Maria via email

We want everyone in the studio to be comfortable and cozy, so please observe the studio guests seven simple rules:

1. If you want to leave your paper in the studio we usually put it in a special place, just sheets but not a folder.
2. All guests shuold sign their work.
3. We do not leave food in the studio.
4. We do not drink alcoholic in the studio.
5. Please do not leave personal belongings in the studio (clothes etc.)
6. You can leave your painting materials such as paint, canvas and a folder with pictures in the studio, please put them in a box with a lid and store in the store room or in your tutors shelf. It is important to attach a sticker with your name and contact details.
7. Before you bring your own still life material (such as flowers, fruits, soft toys or utensils), please discuss this with the head-tutor .

Sign up for the first class by e-mail —

                                                                                                                                                  Our fees 
  single session    5 classes 10 sessions
Children (Group session) 45 minutes -1 hour  £10.50 £50 £99
Adults (Group session) 1 - 2 hours  £10.50 £50 £99
One to One 45 minutes - 1 hour £25-50  -   - 

Занятия для детей

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Занятия для взрослых

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